WATCH: #WhereIWork | Jesse Ray Ernster

Grammy-Award-Winning mixer Jesse Ray Ernster (Burna Boy, Doja Cat, UMI) tells the story of how utilising remote collaboration technology allowed him to honour his commitments to his family and his clients simultaneously.

Striking the right balance between work life and family life is a challenge many people working in the music industry face.

When tight deadlines and childcare responsibilities came to a head, Jesse turned to remote collaboration software to tap into his studio set up from home.



“This album could not have happened the way that it did without Audiomovers, it just wouldn’t have worked. We had a couple of rush delivery albums come in. One was the Burna Boy album, but a few days before that, this ‘Forest In The City’ album from UMI, we had 10 songs to mix for that.

We don’t have childcare and I was watching my kids. I love that, I didn’t want anything to get in the way of that. But my studio is also very dangerous. It’s not the best place for me to be locked in on the screen, while a toddler and a baby are running around getting into things and strangling on my cables.

So the quick solution was instead of bringing in the computer, the chassis for the UAD, hard drives, the server rig, monitors and amps, i just brought my laptop. It’s 10 years old, it works. It can connect to the computer with remote desktop. We used Audiomovers to stream the audio to it. So the studio stayed outside, I brought the laptop in, hung out with my kids and made some mix moves.

We did it together, headed in the kitchen, we’re cooking, we’re playing catch and reading books and just the process of going back and forth with the client that way. It really empowered me to be there and not sacrifice the family life while fulfilling this job for the artists and the team.

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd