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How Nashville’s hitmakers are playing together and running virtual songwriting sessions

“No one’s worrying about travel. I was writing with people in London and people in Nashville”. When the pandemic brought all face-to-face writing sessions to a halt, Nashville based songwriters Jaren Johnston and Alex Kline found a creative solution that they continue to use today.

LISTENTO became a necessity when Nashville’s songwriting industry was brought to an immediate halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as Rolling Stone reports.

Using video chat software like Zoom to communicate with their co-writers, alongside Audiomovers’ LISTENTO to stream their audio in high quality and low latency, writers were able to replicate their usual face-to-face writing sessions in a virtual space, allowing them to continue playing together from the comfort of their homes throughout lockdown.

Following the initial success, many Nashville-based songwriters began using this new-found setup to collaborate more widely — reaching out to songwriters around the world — with exciting results: “Honestly, I think I wrote some of the best songs I’ve written,” says Jaren Johnston.

With the world’s (songwriters) at their fingertips, a new normal of songwriting has emerged — the gap between songwriting communities is beginning to close, with writers in Nashville collaborating with their counterparts in London and LA, needing nothing more than LISTENTO, Zoom, and a solid internet connection.

Check out the full Rolling Stone article for more information or read more stories about how the music industry is going remote.

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd

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