Do you offer an educational discount?

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We offer an educational discount of 35% off 1-year licensing plans to teachers, students and educational institutions.

Please, forward your request for an educational discount directly to Serge Orloff  s.orloff@audiomovers.com with the following: 

  • Student’s or teacher’s ID or send us an email from your school’s web domain to prove your eligibility
  • How many yearly licenses you need

Once we receive your email, we’ll reply with your personal educational discount code that you can apply when purchasing Listento license on our website.

If you require an invoice prior issuing the payment, please provide your billing info (full name plus anything else you’d like to see on your invoice). In this scenario, after the invoice is paid, we will provide you with a custom time-extension voucher.

We also offer a multi-license option. It allows a single administrator to manage all licenses, invite users and revoke their access. 

For educational institutions that require PO purchase process, please mention this in your email as well.

* Audiomovers reserves the right to change these terms and conditions