LYRE MUSIC on collaborating remotely with songwriters and producers

K-pop songwriter, 1/2 of ‘LYRE MUSIC GROUP’ and record producer Alina Smith outlines how she collaborates with other songwriters and producers across the world using a combination of Zoom and the LISTENTO plugin. 

With credits such as ITZY, Red Velvet, SUNMI to name a few, the mark that music production and songwriting company ‘LYRE MUSIC GROUP’ have left on the K-pop music scene is indisputable. Comprised of Russian-American pop songwriter and record producer Alina Smith and pop singer-songwriter Elli Moore, the duos’ work has earned several number-one singles and were even credited with working on ITZY’s number one record ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’

Through their social media channels, the duo aim to pass the secrets to their success onto their audience, posting the production tips and tricks behind the hits they write. We teamed up with Alina to share the secret of how she uses the LISTENTO plugin to collaborate with artists and producers around the world and how this setup allowed her to produce Elli Moore’s latest single ‘Bathing Suit’ entirely remotely.

You can hear the end result of the duo’s remote sessions here:

Neil Dowd
Author: Neil Dowd