WATCH: #DreamCollabs | Alina Smith

In this latest #DreamCollabs we speak to the number-one-selling songwriter, record producer, and co-founder of LYRE Music, Alina Smith (ITZY, Red Velvet, Fall Out Boy) in her LA home studio.
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WATCH: #TheMakingOf | Bathing Suit – Elli Moore | Alina Smith

We visited number-one-selling songwriter and record producer Alina Smith (ITZY, Red Velvet, Fall Out Boy) in her home studio, to delve deeper into the process behind the production and mix of Bathing Suit, by her LYRE MUSIC GROUP counterpart, Elli Moore. 
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WATCH | #NerdingOut | With Alina Smith

“I’ve used LISTENTO by Audiomovers in so many interesting ways.”

Alina Smith – Songwriter, Producer & Co-founder of LYRE Music Group (Fall Out Boy, ITZY, Red Velvet)
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WATCH: ‘I had J.Y Park involved directly in a single!’ | #TilYouMakeIt | Alina Smith

Alina Smith delves into her experiences of working with the biggest labels in k-pop, including singer-songwriter, record producer and record executive J.Y Park.
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#AllStarMixTricks | Alina Smith

Alina Smith explains how she layers up her airy vocals to create unique pad sounds and melodies. 
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LYRE MUSIC on collaborating remotely with songwriters and producers

K-pop songwriter, 1/2 of ‘LYRE MUSIC GROUP’ and record producer Alina Smith outlines how she collaborates with other songwriters and producers across the world using a combination of Zoom and the LISTENTO plugin. 
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