Using your iPhone/iPad as an audio device in your DAW with INJECT

INJECT allows you to bring in any external audio device connected to your machine, making it easier than ever to use multiple external audio devices in your DAW of choice without having to change your playback engine or deal with troublesome I/O limitations.  

This is a great tool for utilising external audio devices such as synthesisers that support USB audio streaming, virtual audio devices and iOS synth apps.

In this article we’ll be walking through the steps and setup required to bring audio from your iPhone to your DAW using INJECT. 

Step 1: Enabling your iPhone as an audio device.

Firstly, you’ll need to plug your iPhone into your Mac and click on ‘trust this iPhone’. From here, open up the Audio MIDI Setup application and navigate to ‘iPhone’ and click ‘enable’. This will now enable your iPhone as an audio device on your machine allowing you to output audio through your cable, into your Mac. 

Step 2: Setting up INJECT in your DAW.

With INJECT you can record audio from your iPhone straight into your DAW without having to select your iPhone as your DAWs input device allowing you to utilise your iPhone or iPads audio easily in your session.

In your DAW of choice create an AUX track, and insert the INJECT plugin onto it. In the INJECT plugin, select your iPhone or iPad as your external audio device and select stereo channels 1&2. Now any audio from your phone will travel into the INJECT plugin’s external input. This audio can then now be outputted into your DAW two ways, using INJECT’s built in recorder or by routing audio out of INJECT into an audio track.

Built-in Recorder:

INJECT’s built-in recorder allows you to record any audio coming into the plugin through the external input. Once the audio is incoming from INJECT’s external input, simply click on the record button within INJECT’s built in recorder to capture the audio you wish to record. 

When you’re finished recording, simply click the record button again. Your complete INJECT recording can now be dragged and dropped directly into your session timeline. 

Recording directly into your timeline:

By routing audio through a bus track, you are able to record external audio coming into INJECT directly into your session timeline. 

On the AUX Track you have INJECT inserted on, route the output to a designated bus. Then create a new audio track, and make this audio track’s input as the bus assigned to INJECT’s channel output. 

Now all you need to do is arm your audio track, and start recording, allowing the audio from your iPhone/iPad to travel into the INJECT plugin and then into your timeline. 

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