WATCH: #DreamCollabs | Alina Smith

#DreamCollabs uncovers the reasons behind these collaborations and why it’s essential to dream big, whether meeting their childhood music heroes, working with an emerging artist that excites them or collaborating with an artist whose sound has influenced the creative choices these industry powerhouses make.

In this latest episode, we speak to the number-one-selling songwriter, record producer, and co-founder of LYRE Music, Alina Smith (ITZY, Red Velvet, Fall Out Boy) in her LA home studio.

Watch to discover who her dream collaborator is or, rather, who they could be. Creating magical collaborations does not always involve having the world’s biggest names in music. More often than not, it boils down to connection and what feels natural in the moment.



A lot of people ask me about what’s your dream collaborator like? What artist could you work with if you had all the access in the world? No restrictions, and I have kind of a funny answer.

I don’t have anyone in mind because my modus operandi is I will work with who I’m meant to work with.

Yes, it could be maybe a very well-known artist, or it could be a person no one knows yet that’s gonna become this amazing person.

You will push sometimes for collaborations cuz somebody’s successful where they have this thing going on or this thing going on. But if it’s not natural, It doesn’t gel, it doesn’t work. And sometimes a person comes in and it doesn’t make logical sense, but you try it and it’s like the most beautiful thing.

To give an example, when we were starting LYRE, my partner, Ellie and I, my publisher at the time, really tried to discourage me from working with her cuz she was quite young. She was eighteen I believe when we started.

And they were like, oh, why are you working with those young girls? Kid, like you could be working with more established people and I just felt something really special there, so I pursued it regardless.

I just have an open mind to anything that feels right. Whoever is right will be right.