WATCH | #NerdingOut | Alina Smith

#NerdingOut is where we uncover the “tools of the pros” — the sacred plugins, gear and instruments that are essential to the process of award-winning producers, mixers and engineers.

In this episode we chat to Alina Smith, co-founder of the writing/production duo, LYRE Music, who’s known for her work with the likes of Fall Out Boy, ITZY, Red Velvet.

LISTENTO has now become a vital part of Alina’s production workflow.

Predominantly using it to run sessions through, Alina has also found innovative ways to vocal produce artists through the software, as well as helping musicians track instruments while making notes and edits in real-time from the comfort of her home studio.



“I’ve used LISTENTO in so many ways. The most common one is just to run sessions through it. I work with people on Zoom and they listen to my DAW, Ableton through LISTENTO.

I’ve also vocal produced people on zoom through LISTENTO. Their engineers, stream them singing to me and I get to make notes and edits and stuff. So that works really, really well.

I’ve even helped people record instruments, one of the people that plays guitar for me, he lives like 30 minutes away from here, but one day we were just like, ahh don’t come over. It’s fine. Let’s just do it over the internet and he was just streaming his session through LISTENTO.

I heard it hifi as if he was here and just giving him notes. So yeah, it works really great.”