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Seamless audio routing
for your Mac

  • Send and receive audio between apps
  • 2 built-in virtual drivers, 16 channels each
  • Combine multiple audio sources into one

OMNIBUS works with any applications on your Mac, allowing you to route between them and combine the audio output of multiple applications.

Learn more about what makes it so powerful:

Audio routing made easy for Mac

OMNIBUS is compatible with all applications. You can route audio from any of the applications on your Mac and combine multiple audio sources into one virtual input.

A virtual patch bay for your Mac

  • Easily pass through audio from one app to another
  • Always-on, giving you greater control over all audio on your Mac

Easily configurable for multiple setups

  • Define channel layouts and name channels and parameters
  • Define multiple different volume and muting parameters
  • Route individual channels from both drivers

Snapshot and reuse routing setups

  • Save and name up to 8 snapshots of setups and load as needed
  • Quickly snap between setups to A/B tracks
  • Save and load up multiple complex routing setups for future use
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Seamless audio device routing for Mac.
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  • 2 virtual drivers, 16 channels each
  • Send and receive audio between apps
  • Combine multiple audio sources into one
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Easy routing for screencasts

  • Grab the audio from your DAW and your web browser
  • Route into and out of OMNIBUS and send to your OBS

Manage audio for podcasting and panels

  • Grab the audio from your video conferencing software
  • Route all of the sources as tracks into your DAW for easy recording

Stream and record your gameplay

  • Simultaneously route your voice and game audio
  • Route both into OMNIBUS drivers
  • Send OMNIBUS to your video streaming software

Sampling in seconds

  • Find that perfect loop or old sample online
  • Set your computer audio output to one of OMNIBUS's virtual drivers
  • Send OMNIBUS audio to your DAW
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Route audio from audio sources on your system

  • Stream any audio with OMNIBUS — set OMNIBUS as your input on the LISTENTO app
  • Utilize one or both of the OMNIBUS's drivers to route audio from your DAW to the LISTENTO app
  • Two virtual drivers support up to 16 channels to facilitate the streaming of a variety of spatial audio formats including surround, Dolby Atmos or Binaural

Multiple workflows for audio engineers

  • Share tracks with clients without the DAW or sending files
  • Compare DAW output with Apple Music or Spotify
  • Route DAW output to OBS for screencasts or recording
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